Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Vintage Compactum makeover

I purchased this compactum from a local auction, unfortunately in my haste to paint it I forgot to take a before photo!

It was unwanted and unloved despite its excellent condition. I sanded, painted and decoupaged the drawers, giving them 3 coats of poly to protect the paper. Lastly I painted the original handles to match and voila! Gorgeous greyness mmmmm.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Beginning and corner cupboard ~ Before and after

So i've finally started! The journey to making our house a home has begun.

 I started by painting the bathroom with some mis-tinted paint I got from a recycling centre near us. It only cost me £3 for 2.5litres and it worked out great! Next was finding some furniture, a girls gotta have storage but I vowed that I will do my best to hide as much of the "crap" that collect as possible. 


I already had the corner cupboard, it was a purchase from a local second hand community furniture store. I gave it a coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White and the inside in Paris Gray, light distressing and a coat of Fiddes wax. The curtains were made from drop cloths/dust sheets, attached by net curtain wire I "borrowed" from my old caravan.


My father thinks the curtains are "impractical", they hide the uglies so to me they are just perfect!


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Monday, 18 April 2011


As I search for inspiration, casting my net and trying to find my style I am gradually building up a collection of blogs that I find myself drawn to. Knack Studios and Miss Mustard Seed are just two. What I love about these are the fact the ladies who run them do not only share their talents with readers but they also bare all so we can make our own homes a sanctuary. 

Below are a few creations from Miss Mustard Seed that I would love in my own home. 

And from Barb at Knack Studios

Ok so they are two different approaches but both take found, rescued and unloved furniture and turn them into pieces to be swooned over, swooooon. 

Miss Mustard Seed has a french flair while Knack is more modern vintage. 



This week I visited a new car boot sale, i scored a few awesome finds. One of which was a street directory of Sydney. It turns out the lady who I bought it from purchased it 41 years ago and never actually went. My father was in Sydney 41 years ago as a £10 pom! How cool is that! Its full of maps and I was planning on using it to decoupage an old high chair I bought from the same lady, it converts into a chair and little table. Don't know if I'm brave enough though!


Tuesday, 22 March 2011


My first flurry into painting furniture..


After -Without the knobs

After-with knobs

I spotted this little lady in a local charity shop, she was pretty before but I think I like the after better. Im still not sure about the knobs and the OH isn't keen on the colour.
Well i like her.

Monday, 14 February 2011


Hi, I'm Christina, a country farm girl from South Wales UK. I have always been a lover of carboots, auctions, flea markets, and thrifting. A self confessed hoarder and side tracked housewife. I am the proud mum to a gorgeous little girl.

I Love to cook, grow my own food and have an unhealthy addiction to horses which I am trying to kick! I hope to use this blog as an outlet for my new found passion for sewing, painting furniture, interior design, upcycling and creating.

After reading many blogs I want to share my experiments into home decor with others. I really hope to hear peoples opinions good or bad on what i'm doing.

Over the next few months I hope learn new skills, find inspiration and redecorate my home with an almost non existant budget. Oh and have some fun...

The journey begins...